Help Desk Software and 22 Years of Change

Help Desk Software and 22 Years of Change
April 1, 2014 Daren Nelson

Yes today is April Fools. No I didn’t realize that when I started iSupport Software 22 years ago.

Nor did I realize the tech industry would ruin the day for any serious *announcements so I will save those for tomorrow. 🙂

It is cool to see the help desk software industry we helped create in the early 90’s so strong today. To know that many of the concepts we pioneered are still helping companies provider better support to their customers is personally very satisfying. As the self appointed President of the help desk software world, I am happy to say the state of our union is strong.

I am also proud that we have survived 22 years in an industry where the average life is short. We focus on supporting our customers, exploring new technologies and making a profit. Simple practices that seem to be lost on so many these days.

If I distill all of our success in the help desk software market in the last 22 years down to a word, it is change. The world is constantly evolving and knowing that what I do today will not be good enough tomorrow. So a birthday toast to change. I can’t wait to see what the next 22 years looks like.

I don't normally use help desk software, but when I do it is only from iSupport Software.

Would you buy help desk software from this man? Daren Nelson – Founder & CEO iSupport Software


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