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Identifying and Automating Core Business Practices

What to consider when analyzing your needs and workflows, implementing automation for peak efficiency, and providing value to your help desk and other areas of the organization.

Defining and Organizing Category Structures

How the categorization process can help to refine processes, identify what works, and discover new ways of enhancing efficiency while providing even better care for users.

The Importance of Infrastructure Analysis

A look at some of the front end infrastructure analysis and decision making that helps lay the successful foundation for a help desk deployment.

Self-Service Strategies for Help Desk Portals

How to drive users to your self-service portal so that the help desk—and the wider organization—can realize the great efficiencies that come from users resolving their own issues.

Collaborative Tools in the Enterprise Support Environment

Explore some examples of how communication and automation tools can work together to make an entire environment more collaborative.

The Complete Guide to the IT Help Desk ebook

This 29-page ebook examines some of the analysis and decision making that helps lay a successful foundation for help desk deployment.

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