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Why Should Your District or Institution Consider iSupport?

Educational instutions are very different from most businesses looking to deploy service desk solutions.

  • A user base that varies from highly technical to nontechnical, from employees to students and parents
  • High turnover in the user base
  • Dispersed campus environments
  • Budgets focused on student/teacher ratios, not technology
  • Bring your own device (BYOD)
  • The need to support the latest technologies to train the workforce of tomorrow

With iSupport we give you options to help you meet these challenges. Everything in our software is designed to enable you to configure the system to meet your needs.



Supporting your faculty is a difficult job. From a 20-year tenured professor to student TAs, you have an unique set of challenges. Using mySupport you can build unlimited branded support portals specifically for your faculty. You can provide support through email, Twitter, Facebook, web forums, live chat, SMS, FAQs, knowledge bases, and PDFs. Regardless of how many mySupport portals you build, they all lead back to a common interface where you can route, track, or apply advanced workflows to automate the delivery of service and increase communication among your faculty.


Supporting students is very different from supporting faculty. Students demand solutions that are centered around social media. Twitter, Facebook, live chat, and web forums are the technologies of choice.
Collaboration is the key to providing support to large groups of people, and mySupport has more collaboration tools than any other education help desk product.

Design portals for students in different schools, different areas of study, or different grade levels. You could even design support portals for parents to communicate with educators.


With iSupport’s asset management tools, you can discover what lives on your network and properly manage it.

  • Automatic scanning of networks
  • Reporting on software licenses in use
  • Audit tracking of all hardware and software changes
  • Warranty tracking
  • Server monitoring
  • Advanced workflows for automatically creating incidents when thresholds are exceeded
  • Optional purchasing workflow options are also available

iSupport does not charge by the asset like many companies do. With iSupport it is the same price for tracking one asset or 100,000.



Using our workflow tools, you can automate almost any project you have. Our powerful approval workflow keeps projects on track and ensures sign off and understanding among your team members.

Use iSupport for projects such as:

  • Onboarding faculty
  • Upgrading computing labs
  • Deploying new software products
  • Delivering technology to students

Support Requests

In education there is no such thing as 9-5 Monday through Friday. Throw in semesters, summer classes, and night school, and you have a nightmare of automation that needs to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our advanced rules engine automates the simplest tasks such as turning email and social media posts into tickets. Time-based rules can be built to meet the needs having an empty campus one day and thousands of faculty and students to support the next day.

Notifications and Reports

You can use iSupport to identify your most common issues, and then build rules to automatically respond to your support receivers. Automatic responses can direct them to knowledge base entries that describe solutions or have links to files or documents that contain the fix they are looking for.

You can also publish charts and graphs in real time to managers, or provide detailed reports to users on their open issues. Reports can be scheduled to be emailed as PDF or Excel documents.

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