Help Desk Software Provider iSupport Announces Version 12.7

Help Desk Software Provider iSupport Announces Version 12.7
April 2, 2014 Daren Nelson

Help desk software v12.7 is available for download today.

Yesterday, our 22nd anniversary, iSupport Software released version 12.7 of its help desk software solution. Integration and customer self service were the focus of the release.

Powerful e-mail processing rules and WebHooks complement our existing API and allow iSupport to be easily integrated with virtually any enterprise application. 

WebHooks in iSupport Software help desk software

Easily create WebHooks by dragging and dropping the fields you need.

Other major features include enhancements to purchasing, correspondence, rules engine, asset management, user interface and managing cloud deployment costs.

You can read the entire press release on PR Web.

You can download an on-premise evaluation of the help desk software at Cloud evaluations on Amazon Wed Services will be available from the web site in the next week.

A full feature list for version 12.7 can be access here ‘What is new in version 12.7‘.

A YouTube video can be accessed here ‘iSupport YouTube Channel‘.