Looking back and moving forward

Looking back and moving forward
July 17, 2013 Daren Nelson

Its always fun to look back and see features we were so excited to bring to the customer support market. Many of the features technicians take for granted were invented right in our own research and development labs.

In release 11.2 we added a feature called awareness which was built on exciting new technology called SignalR.


This “real-time web” functionality allowed us to re introduce rep to rep chat. Instead of building chat on another products ever changing API, SignalR gave us what we needed to finally build a solution in-house. One that we provide free of charge with iSupport.


We are constantly looking for cool stuff like SignalR to give us a competitive edge. Even though we have been in business for 21 years we continue to run in startup mode, looking to leverage new technologies anytime we can.

Release 12.5 will complete a release cycle we started 18 months ago which completely transformed the UI of our application and expanded our core IT help desk and customer service features. If you compare iSupport 10 to iSupport 12.5 I don’t think you could realize you were looking at the same product. In 18 months we have basically introduced a brand new product with 17 years of functionality behind it.

Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, Windows, Mac, Android or iOS no one can match the functionality or track record of iSupport Software.