7 Ways Help Desk Software Can Transform Your Sales Process

7 Ways Help Desk Software Can Transform Your Sales Process
October 13, 2015 Daren Nelson

Helpdesk softwareHelp desk software can offer your company a number of real business advantages. Not only can it save your company money, but it can also transform your business by raising productivity, increasing efficiency, and lifting sales. Here are seven ways in which help desk software could really benefit your business.

1. Save Money and Become More Competitive

Installing help desk software can really save your company money. It will reduce the cost of your service and support operations by decreasing overheads, bringing you significant savings.
In addition, by streamlining, coordinating and automating key activities, help desk software can reduce costly inefficiencies and help raise profits. By saving money in one area, you can choose to divert resources to other areas that can improve your company’s competitiveness.

2. Happy Customers, More Business

A happy customer is a satisfied customer, and satisfied customers are likely to return for repeat business, and recommend your business when asked. How can you bring about happier customers? By providing better customer care – a key benefit of help desk software.
Using the highly effective task and project automation functions, help desk software can help you provide a faster, more efficient customer service response.

Moreover, it can also help your company become more organised, as it stores your customers’ information in one shared location, allowing your staff quick and easy access to customer data when required. This makes all the difference when dealing with an already-frustrated customer on the phone.

3. Customer Insight and Market Intelligence

Combine your improved customer service with the survey function to gain greater customer insight and market intelligence. Here, you can measure and gauge improved levels of client satisfaction, and identify areas for improvement.

There are many options available here. For example, you could opt to send customers a post-sales email that asks whether their expectations were met. Alternatively, you could design a survey, using drop-down lists, check boxes or even text box areas for more detailed feedback.

Whatever you decide, such customer insight and market intelligence will ultimately prove an invaluable business resource.

4. More Productive Staff

The automation functions offered by help desk software can result in more productive staff. Task automation can be used to define workflows for common processes. Project automation can help you track the assignment and progress of tasks that require the coordination of more than one staff member.

Not only does this result in more efficient and effective customer care, but it can also help eliminate the manual, inefficient, time-consuming tasks that take up way too much of your employees’ time.

5. Recognise, Reward and Incentivise Employees

Once you’ve optimised staff productivity, you can recognise and reward high-performing employees by using the leaderboard function. This is a great way to incentivise hard work. You can create a list of actions where points are awarded (and even deducted) for completing key tasks.

This will help to incentivise hardworking employees, and encourage happier, more content staff through recognition and rewards.

6. Increase and Protect Your Firm’s Profitability

Help desk software can help your business identify trends and recognise problems, protecting your company’s profitability and productivity. The reporting function is a key benefit here. Using built-in customised reporting tools, you can easily schedule, export and send on reports.

Simply decide which reports you need, how often you’d like them, and which format you’d prefer. Asset management is another useful function. By monitoring and tracking your assets and devices, your help desk software can help your company reduce costs, provide a better service and take automatic corrective action where appropriate.

7. Knowledge Is Power (And Money)!

Finally, did you know that your business could benefit from the use of a knowledge base? Knowledge databases, or Kbases, are an essential resource that captures your business’s intellectual property.

Available with select help desk software, a Kbase allows you to create an electronic encyclopaedia of your company’s solutions. You can even add email attachments, website links and videos. This central repository helps your company share best practices that not only avoids repeat errors, but also prevents employees from reinventing the wheel.

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