Two Editions, On-Premise or Hosted, One Integrated Product

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Incident Management
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Service Desk
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Active Directory Integration
Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012
Integration With Third Party SQL Tools
Application Program Interface (API)
Global Features
Custom Fields and Numbering
Associated Work Items
Opportunity Management Functionality
Standard and Customizable Notifications
Email Processing
Customizable Status Levels
Service Contracts
Customizable Groups
Multi-level Categorization
Rules Engine
Configurable Surveys
Multi-Person and Multi-Group Routing
Customer and Company Profiles
Incident Management - Includes Global Features Plus:
Hierarchy Templates for Task Management
Followup Functionality
Knowledge Integration
Bomgar Remote Support Integration
Citrix® GoToAssist® Remote Support Integration
Microsoft Lync Status Icon
Knowledge Management
Global Searching
Feedback Tracking
RightAnswers Integration
Robust View Engine
Chart Designer
Standard and Ad-Hoc SQL Reports
Customer Experience
Unlimited Customizable Support Portals
Customer Chat
Collaborative Communication with Customers
Discussion Forum Voting
Integration with Social Media - Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
mySupport Layouts for Mobile Devices
Support Representative Experience
HTML5 Client
Customizable Representative Desktops
Configurable UX
Integration with Social Media
Alerts for Multiple Reps in a Work Item
Calendar Integration
Personal and Shared Correspondence Templates
Windows and Form-Based Authentication
Personal Rules
Mobile Clients
Mobile Client for IOS
Mobile Client for Android
Mobile Client for Blackberry
Mobile Client for WAP Phones
Security and Administration
Individual and Group-Based Permissions and Feature Controls
Audit Tracking
Diagnosis Reports
Asset Management
Count Tracking
Import and Syncronization
Software License Tracking
Bar Code Scanning and Label Printing
Network Monitoring
Dynamic and Scheduled Scanning
Problem Management - Includes Global Features Plus:
Associated Incident Closure
Publish to Twitter
Microsoft Lync Status Icon
Change Management - Includes Global Features Plus:
Hierarchy Templates for Task Management
Service Catalog
Configuration Management (CMDB)
Customizable Relationships
Graphical Relationship Display