What Are the Cost Benefits of BYOD in Hospital Wireless Networks?

What Are the Cost Benefits of BYOD in Hospital Wireless Networks?
August 20, 2015 Daren Nelson

Healthcare IT SupportBring your own device (BYOD) is the big topic in the corporate world. This only makes sense, as the now ubiquitous mobile device allows businesses and employees the chance to collaborate, share information, and gain the leading edge like never before.

Given the nature of the healthcare sector, it’s only logical that the BYOD culture would translate perfectly here. Let’s take some time to look at how an intelligently implemented BYOD policy could benefit the healthcare sector while also casting an eye over potential cost savings. Hiring financial experts can help save you or your business money.

Reduced Data Expenditure

The most immediately tangible cost benefit of BYOD is the money your healthcare organization will save on data plans. Each person in a BYOD arrangement covers the cost of their own smartphone and tablet, meaning a healthier bottom line for you.

Increased Productivity

Phenomenal leaps in staff productivity have been reported by most organizations that have implemented BYOD. Simply put, this is what happens when you have all of the data you need at your fingertips 24/7 and from any location. Emails, appointment calendars, patient notes, and so much more can be immediately on-hand for your health practitioners.

Imagine staff being able to look up their appointment calendar and check a patient’s history while on their morning commute and you’ll see how BYOD increases productivity.

Increased Emergency Response Abilities

Surgical teams, ambulance staff, obstetricians, and anybody who’s ever worked in ED knows how crucial even a few minutes can be. Instead of losing moments racing to the nearest computer to gather information, these teams can access information on the go and communicate their whereabouts through a text or Skype call.

Healthcare organizations run on information and coordination, and that is exactly what BYOD provides for.

Stronger Relationships with Patients

Compassion and communication are the cornerstones of a successful healthcare facility, and BYOD allows this communication to unfold even once your health professional has left the bedside of the patient. If you have staff providing care in a patient’s own home, they can bond closely with their patient at those times when the patient needs it most.

Stronger Relationships with Suppliers

Meeting with suppliers can be a breeze with a BYOD policy, especially given the access you’ll have to research data and prior relationship history. The healthcare sector is nothing without these business partnerships, and having mobile technology on the go allows your organization to maintain a competitive edge.

Prescription by App

Prescription by app is beginning to take off in the healthcare world and BYOD allows for this better than anything else. Simply send an email or a text with an app link to verified healthcare websites and stop your patient’s self-diagnosing via Google+.

Food allergy sufferers could be given an app that scans barcodes to look for allergy information, and there are also apps that have been developed to help patients suffering from diabetes, depression, and numerous other ailments.

Secure Data

Identity theft is increasing by up to 25% every year and medical records are constantly under threat. Thankfully, a strong BYOD policy that implements security in-line with the rest of your network can provide a bulletproof barrier between your device and the outside world.

Implementing a BYOD policy is often the trigger that forces businesses to look at their online security in-depth. It’s surprisingly easy to download apps that separate secure data from standard data, and specific apps have been designed to protect the healthcare sector from malware and other malicious activity.

Containerization allows devices to stay off certain areas of your organization’s network altogether, increasing security further.

BYOD is more than a passing fad, and it’s no surprise it’s making its way into the healthcare sector. If you’re looking for a cost effective, productivity-enhancing solution that allows your staff to respond to emergencies and access information at speed, BYOD is the way to go.

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