Does your software vendor provide live agent help desk support seven days a week?

Does your software vendor provide live agent help desk support seven days a week?
August 15, 2014 Daren Nelson

It is true we live in a new era of software, but sometimes the old ways of doing things are still the best.

Live agent help desk support is a cornerstone of how we do business at iSupport Software.

One of our sales team received this from a customer today. I can’t say it enough – our help desk engineers rock! iSupport is one of the few software developers that still believes live agent help desk support is critical to a successful deployment. That is why we continue to increase our help desk staff when others are pushing customers to only email and social media for support. We also include (almost) unlimited support in all our maintenance contracts – it is just that important to us.



     I wanted to reach out to you about something that just happened to me. I’ve been going through a migration of iSupport to a new server. I worked with JoEllen yesterday and she was very nice and super helpful. She was sick but was courteous, polite and really helped me out which I’m very grateful for.

     Today, I had some issues during the actual migration and spoke with Roy. Roy was by far absolutely outstanding. He was so courteous, helpful, friendly, easy to work with and get along with. He deserves everything you pay him and then some. I wish he would come work from me. I’d love to have an employee just like him. I hope you’ll pass my praise onto him and his supervisor.

      Usually when you talk to support you get little support and it’s not an overall good experience. I have to say from all my support tickets I have very much enjoyed calling iSupport. Everyone, including yourself, has always been so helpful and courteous. So I just wanted to say, thank you. Being on the support side of things I know you don’t get to hear that very often. But thank you and to all the iSupport staff for the wonderful job you continue to provide to us.



Network Administrator

Honeyville, Inc

To find our more about our help desk software offerings (which include live agent help desk support), please visit our product pages or start an instant evaluation right now. For a detailed product overview check out our latest YouTube video below.