Three Ways Technology Is Transforming Healthcare

Three Ways Technology Is Transforming Healthcare
July 20, 2015 Daren Nelson

Healthcare TechnologyTechnology transforms everything it touches. Healthcare is no exception; with developing technology comes advancing healthcare systems with the capacity to increase our national well-being and healthcare figures. The future potential for digitized hospital services is incredible, but change is already happening now.

What follows are three ways in which technology is transforming our healthcare systems.

Wireless Integration

Hospitals are under constant pressure to deliver on patient care to tight budgets. Everything from staffing levels to the number of available beds is dependent on costs and the quality of hospital care. Faster, more efficient IT services could help with this, reducing hospitals’ financial software burdens while increasing the ability of nurses and doctors to treat their patients.

Wireless hospitals are not limited by ethernet ports or limited workstations. Anyone with permission is capable of accessing a wireless network from the comfort of their personal device. Healthcare staff can use it for research or to check work emails. Patients can use it for leisure purposes, increasing their satisfaction. Even patients who have not yet been seen can go online wirelessly, helping to distract them from waiting times.

The internet is an invaluable resource; by implementing a wireless system it becomes infinitely more accessible.

Cloud Technology

In a similar vein, cloud software increases interactivity. Cloud computing refers to the storage of data on remote servers, rather than local ones or personal computers. As a result of this, it is much more easily shared and communicated between users. It is also more cost-effective, as a result of not having to maintain so many servers on site.

Suddenly, patient data is available from any number of authorized mobile devices throughout the hospital. For hospital workers, valuable time is saved travelling to and from workstations. In the event of emergencies, data can be accessed immediately for better response times and more accurate care.

Personal Devices

Personal devices consolidate the use of wireless technology and cloud computing, enabling hospital staff to access and make the most use of these technologies through portable workstations.

Some hospitals have raised issues of security surrounding the use of personal devices. According to an article on, that because of this increased need for security, hospitals with approved personal device policies actually tend to have tighter security systems than those without.

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Another advantage is user familiarity; everyone is more familiar with their own smartphones and tablets, leading to increased efficiency and user productivity.

IT Help Desk Software

With developing technology comes new systems for users to familiarize themselves with. Increasingly sophisticated technology can appear daunting to new or inexperienced users, who might be uncomfortable or inefficient when using it. Traditional IT consultants are typically expensive and impractical in a large hospital environment, where they would need to be in a hundred places at once.

So how can hospitals overcome the challenge of digitizing their services easily and efficiently?

Enter iSupport.

iSupport’s IT help desk software automates your IT systems for the ultimate in efficiency and ease of use. Automate almost any process dealing with incidents, problems, changes, assets, and email using iSupport and our advanced rules technology.

Technology can have a huge impact on the smooth running of your hospital. From wireless networks to cloud computing and more, it can revolutionize your healthcare service. By implementing this technology responsibly, you can transform the way your hospital runs on a day-to-day basis.

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