Service delivery does not stop at IT.

Service delivery does not stop at IT.
June 13, 2014 Daren Nelson

iSupport is a great IT help desk application, but from the beginning we knew it could do more. When you look around your company you will find numerous service delivery departments; human resources, customer service, and facilities are all examples of that. While needs vary from department to department, the overriding goal of tracking issues and delivering services remains quite common.

Service Delivery Organizational needs.

There is a great article published by Deloitte on getting more from your service delivery organization; you can download it here. (Please note we have no formal relationship with Deloitte.)

A quick Google search will turn up thousands of applications for service delivery ranging in price from free to very expensive. What the good applications have in common is a strong workflow management system that adapts to your business processes – the same type of workflow engine that iSupport has.

As budgets have tightened we have noticed that many of our customers have adopted iSupport to uses outside of IT. And as our version 12 family has focused on customization of data input screens and stronger reporting, iSupport has evolved into a product that can be used beyond the virtual walls of information technology.

If you are currently using iSupport, the benefits of expanding your usage are clear – you save time and money when deploying iSupport outside of IT by utilizing your training and infrastructure. No matter how simple many vendors claim their applications are, there is a tremendous amount of time that must be devoted to designing and testing workflows. Much of that time can be saved when you use a common tool such as iSupport. Yes, some departments might feel that their exact needs are not being met if you don’t purchase a product that says “HR” or “Facilities” on the box, but if you have a tool that meets their needs and saves the company money isn’t that worth exploring?

iSupport for Human ResourcesWe have set up a two public demos to show you how iSupport might look in a facilities or human resources organization. These deployments took us less than a day to set up and would require little ongoing maintenance. These demos don’t look and feel like an IT help desk application that was modified; we think they feel like applications that were designed for their specific task. Rarely in technology is anything perfect but when you can meet the needs of a majority of your users and save money in the process, decisions become easier to make.

For a limited time we are making these demos available in the cloud. If you would like to see iSupport in a non-IT configuration, you can find the login details at the bottom of this post.

You can also request a private evaluation of either of these solutions by clicking on the Try It Now button. During the initial install simply select Human Resources or Facilities Management as your evaluation data set.

This summer we will be offering some great deals for existing customers that wish to explore expanding the use of iSupport to other service delivery departments. Please contact your sales rep at 360.397.1000 or contact our sales department for all the details.

Human Resources Representative Desktop: – Login name Jane

Human Resources mySupport Portal: – Login name Joe

Facilities Management Desktop: – Login name Jane

Facilities Management mySupport Portal: – Login name Joe

When prompted for a password, use “password”  (with no quotation marks).






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