This is John. John might just save your behind one day.

This is John. John might just save your behind one day.
August 6, 2014 Daren Nelson

This is John. John is in charge of the help desk at iSupport Software.

John Stimson, King of help desk software engineers. All hail the king!

John has been with iSupport more years than either of us care to count.  John, along with his team, is available five days a week, 11 hours a day, and on the weekends for emergencies. John has seen more help desk software installations than just about anybody in the world, somewhere around 500, give or take a few dozen. Seriously, John has been involved in a lot of very successful help desk deployments.

This is Bill (not sure that is his real name, because you know, it’s the internet). Bill is a contributor to the Spiceworks support community.

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Recently a Spiceworks customer was having a problem and because Spiceworks does not have live support, the customer had to turn to the community for help. The following is the exchange that occurred between Bill and Bryan1111…

Spiceworks – community (.pdf) 

Spiceworks – Community (web link)

I’m sure Bill is a nice guy, but if you have a choice would you rather talk with John or get snarky replies from Bill when you have a problem with your help desk software?

In all seriousness, I’m not trying to attack Bill or Spiceworks, but instead pointing out a fundamental issue that should be addressed when choosing a help desk software vendor. Software is going to have problems, and when it does you are going to need support. Who do you want to turn to? John or Bill?

iSupport has continually invested in live agent support for 23 years. We offer support to our customers Monday – Friday from 6am to 5pm PST, and on the weekends we have live staff to respond to emergency or installation/upgrade issues from 8am to 5pm.

When you make your living selling customer service software, shouldn’t you have a dedicated live customer service team?

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