Integrating Features with Categories

Integrating Features with Categories
January 25, 2016 Lisa Kimery

Once you feel confident with your category structure, use it as the starting point for a value-add pass in which you look for ways to gain efficiencies through associated features. For example, you could:

  • Associate an approval cycle with a category which would disable work item functionality until the cycle is complete.
  • Associate a call script to display when a category set is selected to provide consistency and completeness of messaging across your help desk efforts.
  • Associate an Others to Notify list of customers and support representatives not directly involved in the incident, problem, or change process to be sent notifications and correspondence whenever the category is selected.

Your help desk representatives and other stakeholders should prove a great resource in exploring how to add more value to your system.

See iSupport’s whitepaper Defining and Organizing Category Structures to find out more about integrating features with categories to gain efficiencies in your organization.