Expanding Value Beyond the Help Desk – HR

Expanding Value Beyond the Help Desk – HR
December 10, 2015 Lisa Kimery

A great help desk solution should at its foundation be a workflow engine, capable of providing the same high-value business process and automation benefits for whatever area it is aimed at.

After deployment—or even as part of your needs assessment—you might identify ways in which your help desk workflow engine can be extended to help other areas of the organization. The same categories and workflows that bring efficiency and automation to your help desk can easily be extended toward HR, facilities, customer service, and other areas of the organization focused on meeting the needs of internal and external customers.

For example, human resources and IT support departments have long worked closely through necessity. Typically when new employees are hired, they are provisioned with a computer with a defined set of applications to fit their work needs along with an email account and network access to essential applications and services. Added to that mix could be laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices. A well-designed help desk workflow engine can be used to create categories and business processes—including approval routing—for onboarding and offboarding employees as well as handling requests for new equipment or access to new network resources. One should ensure that there are no computer repairs if a well-designed workflow engine has to be established; only then a support agent will be able to resolve tickets smoothly without any hassle.

See iSupport’s new whitepaper Identifying and Automating Core Business Practices to find out more about how you can expand the value of your help desk to other departments.