Six Essential Skills For A Strong Tech Support Team

Six Essential Skills For A Strong Tech Support Team
December 5, 2014 Daren Nelson

it support qualitiesTechnical support in IT requires a range of competencies in both computing hardware and software, but there are also a number of broader characteristics and qualities which can help leverage strong knowledge into effective organizational performance.

Excellent End User Communication

Developing a close relationship with the client or user when working toward a solution is an important part of problem solving. Keeping a regular dialog with customers makes any additional information easily attainable, and grants users peace of mind, knowing that progress is being made on their issue. This is extremely important in maintaining a healthy working relationship and building trust, so that if there are further issues, they are confident that there is a service they can rely on.

Efficient Internal Communication

It is important that staff regularly communicate to keep each other informed of developments across a project. This can save a lot of time because it avoids repetition of steps in the process; instead, each staff member can focus on moving onto any following stages to drive tech support solutions forward. Staff members should be efficient in keeping notes on planned and completed tasks, helping their colleagues to quickly paint a clear picture of exactly how the issue is being resolved, and where the issue is at in the resolution process.

Take Ownership of a Problem

Even if the help of third party assistance is required, it is the responsibility of a good tech support team to drive the search for solutions and push them for a response. Any distraction or delay can derail the momentum of a project; this can irritate customers and cause internal disputes. IT support team members should be comfortable with taking accountability and ownership for the issues that are being resolved for the end user, with honesty and transparency at the forefront of all communications.

24/7 Drive

In an industry as potentially frustrating as IT support, it is vital to remain tenacious and open-minded toward finding a solution. The answer to a problem can often be found when you least expect it; proactive IT professionals will keep their head in the game, even when not at their desk. Despite this, it is important not to multi-task at the detriment of efficiency, and even the hardiest tech support professional needs rest and recuperation.

Share Knowledge and Skills with Co-Workers

Learning is a significant part of IT tech support. By sharing information and advice with colleagues, many simple problems can be solved instantaneously. There is no need for a number of team members to solve the same issue from scratch, when experience can be shared, and time saved. Personal development through sharing experiences can only benefit the individual, the organization, and the progress of any troubleshooting projects.

Learn from Mistakes and Successes

Finally, every lengthy tech support project brings lessons to take away from it – good and bad. It is vital that an engineer takes these lessons and applies them to future projects to save time and increase efficiency. Appropriate logs and documentation that can be shared amongst team members is essential in this process.

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