Welcome to iSupport Software Version 12 and our 21st birthday party

Welcome to iSupport Software Version 12 and our 21st birthday party
April 3, 2013 Daren Nelson

Twenty one years ago I started iSupport with $1250 and a vision, a vision that did not include developing software. Sometimes it is great that life has different plans for you.

Our 21st anniversary marks two milestones. First we continue to be the oldest continually operating provider of IT help desk and customer support software. With the average life of a software company being quite short, I am perhaps most proud of this accomplishment.

Second we are announcing the release of iSupport Version 12, which builds on the theme we introduced in version 11 of customizability. Almost every data entry screen for support reps, end users, and managers is now customizable. That’s key – you can customize it and not pay us or some consultant to do it for you.

iSupport v12 did not stop there – we added a whole host of other new features for you including End User Chat, Twitter Monitoring, and new HTML5 mobile clients. To top this off we’re not charging a penny more for all the new functionality. Our pricing model stays the same – one product, one price. When you purchase iSupport v12 you will know exactly what your costs will be from first day until the last.

I hope you enjoy V12 as much as we did developing it. It really brings my vision of an on-premise, line-of-business application with deep functionality into the UX world of 2013.

Now that we are 21 I think were gonna go enjoy a nice adult beverage before we get back to coding tomorrow.


Daren Nelson
Founder & CEO (for 21 years)
iSupport Software