Utilizing Categories to Clarify Workflows

Utilizing Categories to Clarify Workflows
January 14, 2016 Lisa Kimery

Even after spending years within the realm of help desk solutions, it’s easy for a professional to admire the logical beauty and power of a well-crafted category system. In the same way a philosopher might speak in terms of reason, or a mathematician on the purity of numbers, the process of creating—and updating—categories provides an opportunity to harness logic and capture clarity.

Creating categories, and crafting hierarchies, gives an organization the opportunity to step back and examine the elements that represent daily workflows and responsibilities. Categories can be used, in a sense, to actually create a model of daily life for the organization’s help desk or any other service operation.

Categories can also serve as a de facto repository for intellectual property. “When deployed properly, categories capture intellectual property that might otherwise be lost when an employee leaves the company,” says Daren Nelson, CEO of iSupport. “The key to capturing that IP is properly recording and categorizing help desk tickets.”

See iSupport’s whitepaper Defining and Organizing Category Structures to find out more about how you can utilize categories in your company.