Updating School Technology To Meet The Needs Of Modern Students

Updating School Technology To Meet The Needs Of Modern Students
March 31, 2015 Daren Nelson

ipads in classroomsFrom business to pleasure, technology is transforming the way we live our lives. In the workplace, increasing emphasis is being placed on digitization. It is not simply enough for a company to have a phone number; they need an email address, too. Online presences like business pages and blogs ensure that you are accessible and relevant to digital audiences.

Outside of work, we search, Skype, share, Tweet, and Tumble our way through an ocean of social media sites; we build networks, make friends, and call family overseas. The future is digital, and from tablets to notebooks our schools are beginning to reflect this.

Modern Education

The last few years have seen an increasing number of schools engaging modern technology to various degrees in order to update and improve their students’ learning experiences. In most cases this has involved equipping children with iPads or similar tablets in order to revolutionize their learning.

The applications of technology in the classroom are many and varied. Its even applied in classrooms, not only teached, for example we installed smart like switches (check this best smart light switch). The most obvious benefit to equipping children with tablets is interconnectivity. By connecting each pupil through the use of an iPad, children can submit their homework via email or through a learning platform. Feedback for work can be given instantly, cutting down on waiting time and informing a pupil immediately whether they have understood something correctly or not. Learning resources can be shared between pupils or their teachers.

Indeed, the applications for the teachers are equally beneficial.

Teaching Tool

Through the use of tablets, teachers can digitize their class registrations and maintain an accurate record of where their pupils are at any time. Textbooks can be shared from teachers to pupils while examples of work can be attached to a shared whiteboard for the whole class to see, annotate, and work from.

Click here to see how Mounts Bay Academy in Cornwall, UK, has used iPad technology to revolutionize its teaching.

Life Skills

A successful school will do more than pass its pupils through an academic syllabus. Schools have long sought to teach life lessons to their pupils, preparing them for working life and adult responsibilities. Traditionally, this took the form of home economics and woodshop; these were the skills that were deemed important to wider society which more vocationally-inclined pupils could pursue in lieu of further academic education.

Today it is important that pupils are prepared for the digital future. Equipping them with tablets at school does more than facilitate their learning; it familiarizes them from a young age with the technology and processes that they will encounter in later life.

There is no escaping the influence that technology is having on our society. From work to leisure, the future is digital and by granting their pupils access to this technology, schools are setting them up for a bright, digitally-aware future.

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