Stress Levels Increasing In The IT Industry

Stress Levels Increasing In The IT Industry
March 28, 2015 Daren Nelson

Stress Levels On The Rise In The IT Sector

Stress In The WorkplaceStress affects us no matter where we work, and the IT industry is no exception. IT professionals typically find themselves confronted by large workloads, often comprising of technical information, jargon, and vast blocks of data. As technology advances, so do our demands, placing undue amounts of pressure on the individuals responsible for managing and processing them.

Digital Age

Technology is developing at an incredible rate, and the world is accelerating with it. Increasingly companies and organizations are going online; some of them are logging on to expand their outreach and meet more customers. Others are taking advantage of digitized processes in order to speed up their efficiency. Developments in cloud-based technology have hugely simplified management structures, for example, transforming the way businesses operate on a day-to-day basis.

But IT is a highly specialized field, and as we rely on it more and more for even the most fundamental aspects of our companies, we rely on the experts who operate and maintain it.

Meta Language

IT is a broad and hugely varied term encompassing far too many topics, subject fields, and subdivisions to list here, yet we expect its professionals to be well versed in every aspect under its umbrella. Furthermore, these subjects are generally technical in their nature. Coding, for example, is highly specific; code must quite literally be learned in order to be successfully implemented.

Continually Evolving

Modern advancements in technology have coupled with our voracious demand for progress to create what is essentially a living platform. New systems are being invented every day. Viruses are born and software must be produced to combat them while brands race to out-compete each other for the fastest, strongest, and most reliable hardware.

In order to maintain a working knowledge of their field and effectively fulfill their IT functions, industry professionals must also stay abreast of these continuous updates and developments. It is easy to see why reported incidents of stress have accumulated across the industry.

But how can you tell if your employees are stressed, and what can you do about it?

Error: Stress

Stress affects us in many ways. Physical symptoms include headaches, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, and chest pains. Psychologically we can become depressed, withdrawn, or volatile, depending on our predispositions. Socially, it can lead to isolation, whether by choice or as a result of having pushed others away.

A stressed workforce should be avoided at all costs. No one should be in a position where there is so much pressure that they begin suffering physical symptoms. A stressed worker will not be able to carry out their job properly and their quality of life will suffer. It is an employer’s responsibility to look after their employees; it is the responsibility of all of us to look after each other.

How iSupport Can Help

At iSupport, we understand the pressures of the IT industry. This is why we make it our goal to help companies wherever possible by relieving the pressure on their IT departments with our expert knowledge, range of services, and client care.

iSupport has been providing IT help desk and service delivery software since 1992. Hundreds of thousands of users already rely on our flexible solutions to provide multi-channel help desk support to millions of customers worldwide. So save yourself the stress and trust your support needs to the oldest privately-owned, continually-operating company in the help desk software market.

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