How Your Business Technology Is Affecting Your Employees

How Your Business Technology Is Affecting Your Employees
July 20, 2015 Daren Nelson

Employee Motivation TechnologyTechnology is essential to the successful running of a business. The more you can maximize your business productivity through the effective application of new technologies, the more successful your business will be. Technology allows us to work smarter, not harder, and it is up to you to make sure your employees feel the benefits.

Successful businesses these days are fast-paced, organized, highly productive, and perhaps most importantly have a team of happy employees. If you want to maximize your business productivity, perhaps an upgrade of your technology will help.

What Do Employees Want?

To be a successful business you need to take care of your employees. People want to be appreciated and to feel like they are a valued part of the team. They want to feel they are able to produce the work required of them, to a high standard, without unnecessary interference.

They need to do this without being overly stressed or having anxiety about not being able to do the tasks required of them. Outmoded or out-of-date technology can sometimes be a hindrance and not a help.

So the question is this. Is your business technology up to date, or do your employees spend more time fixing problems than getting on with profitable work? Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Does Your Business Technology Create An Open and Communicative Environment?

Do you have a central, online framework for your business that is easily accessible by you and your employees? Are you able to communicate business strategy, goals, and deadlines to each other with ease? Is it easy for everyone to communicate with each other regarding projects and deadlines?

If your employees can see how their individual work relates directly to the bigger picture of your business goals, they will be more motivated and energized in their work and feel like they are valuable within the business.

Are You Able To Monitor Work and Track Progress?

Are your employees able to easily keep you updated with their progress or any issues that are cropping up? Can you easily keep your employees in the loop when it comes to changing plans or meeting new deadlines?

If everyone can see what progress is being made toward your business goals, there will be less stress involved if there is a change of plan. Additionally, morale is boosted when everyone can see that business goals are being met and productivity is high.

Does Your Business Technology Enable You to Motivate and Reward Your Employees?

Do you have a system in place that enables you to see which skills your employees are using and which would be required to further business productivity and success? Are you able to see clearly when your employees deserve a bonus, pay raise, or more responsibility? Recognition and reward of hard work or specialized insight are the keys to keeping your employees motivated.

Are Your Employees Doing More Work Than Necessary?

Are there any aspects of your business that could be automated? Automating processes leads to a host of benefits for both your business and your employees. It will increase the time spent on higher priority work, allow for faster communication between your business and your customers, and ultimately it will increase your project completion rates.

Is Information Readily Accessible?

A big part of any business is customer care. Are your employees able to access all the information they need easily and quickly, whether it’s old client records or the latest information that would be useful to your customers?

Do you have a system in place that ensures any questions or issues raised by your customers will be resolved satisfactorily? If you are able to provide excellent customer service, your customers will keep coming back and your employees will feel that they are providing genuine value to the business.

Having proper business technology in place to streamline your business activities and increase productivity is no longer a luxury that you can give or take. Your business technology can often mean the difference between a happy, thriving business or a stressful and struggling business that is out of touch with its customers, its employees, and the rest of the business community.

Remember, email began as an in-house communication system in a technology firm. The most successful businesses of our times are all pioneers of new technology. Don’t get left behind.

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