Help Desk Software Provider iSupport Software Announces Version 12.7

Help Desk Software Provider iSupport Software Announces Version 12.7
April 2, 2014 Lisa Kimery
Help desk software provider iSupport celebrates 22 years in business with Version 12.7 of their Incident Management and Service Desk solutions.
We are announcing that the entire suite of mySupport tools is included for free with release 12.7.

Vancouver, WA (PRWEB) April 02, 2014  iSupport Software focuses on integration and collaboration in its latest release of help desk software.

Integration Features
iSupport’s email integration, webhooks, and API enable bi-directional connection with almost any other application. Enhanced email rules now allow users to route, categorize, open, and update virtually any field in the application based on the From, To, CC, subject or body of the email. Additional controls help manage email that cannot be automatically processed by the system. Whereas a full-time support representative will always need a full license, these new email rules could save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars by enabling more employees on the periphery of support to contribute to tickets without purchasing a license.

“We continually look for ways to better integrate our product into our customers’ existing enterprises to prevent, or greatly reduce, the need for purchasing additional software or costly consulting engagements,” commented Ryan Terrell, VP of Sales for iSupport Software. “Any time we can integrate with other installed solutions, our customers save time and money. Continually increasing the value of our software is something we take very seriously. We have built iSupport on long-term relationships – 22 years in business does not happen by accident.”

iSupport’s webhooks push data to a web application when a specific condition exists in iSupport. For example, when an incident ticket is categorized a specific way, almost any data in the database would be sent to a file that could be read and used by a third party application.

Collaborative Features
Multi-channel, collaborative customer self-service – iSupport originated the concept back in 1996. iSupport’s offering, now renamed mySupport, enables customers to communicate with your help desk via phone, email, live chat, web communities (forums), SMS, Twitter, or Facebook via a modern browser or any variety of smart mobile devices.

Studies have shown that one of the key factors to any successful support offering is the inclusion of the customer in the support process. “Just purchasing software for support representatives is solving only half the problem. Today customers want a transparent, always available, high tech/high touch support solution,” commented Daren Nelson, Founder & CEO of iSupport Software. “We are announcing that the entire suite of mySupport tools is included for free with release 12.7. While many of our competitors are offering free software for representatives, we decided that a free offering for customers should be the single most important thing a company can do.”

About iSupport
The iSupport technology platform is a fully customizable help desk and customer service solution that provides a robust set of tools for incident management and service desk support. It includes integrated knowledge and asset management features, reporting, live customer chat and collaboration, mobile clients for iOS, Android, Blackberry and WAP-enabled phones, security and administration, ITIL-based problem and change management functionality, social media support, and much more. It is available as an on premise solution or as a cloud (hosted) solution. Companies have been successful in also deploying iSupport for supporting human resources, product development, and facilities management. iSupport is the oldest privately-owned, continually operating provider of help desk software and customer support solutions in the world.

A more complete description of new features is included in our New in iSupport v12.7 document.

For more information on iSupport products, go to or call 1-888-494-7638.

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