iSupport and GlobeSherpa announce partnership

iSupport and GlobeSherpa announce partnership
June 27, 2013 Daren Nelson

So much has been going on- it’s hard to figure out where to start. Today I want to highlight an exciting announcement we are making with GlobeSherpa, a company that is getting a lot of buzz lately for their mobile ticketing platform. TriMet, the Portland transit authority, recently signed an agreement to deploy GlobeSherpa’s product. TriMet is looked to by many in the public transit community as an agency that is leading edge in many of its practices. GlobeSherpa’s mobile ticketing platform could have a huge impact on their ridership.

Over some casual conversation GlobeSherpa’s CEO and I decided to see if iSupport could fit the needs of their smartphone user base while also providing the support link between GlobeSherpa and the transit agency. Many of the features in iSupport v12.5 evolved from that conversation.

Just 15 months ago we released version 11 and the Social Client. Two months ago we released version 12 which redesigned the UX of the Rep browser and Mobile Client. Now version 12.5 will add the final touches to our mobile strategy. Combined with hosting our solution on Amazon Web Services, it seemed the right time to partner with GlobeSherpa and their mobile user base.

So if you live in Portland or find yourself in the area be sure to download the GlobeSherpa app (scheduled to go live this summer), purchase a ticket, and hop on a TriMet bus or rail line. Hopefully you won’t need it, but if you do, the support link in that app will be powered by iSupport Software.

If everything goes according to plan we might just have a huge new audience for iSupport. If not then we still have the best IT help desk software on the market/ Win-Win.