Incident Management Software

iSupport helps you to automate functions such as managing incidents, entering and searching for knowledge entries and FAQs, tracking assets, customers, and companies, sending surveys, and generating reports.


iSupport® – Incident Management

iSupport invented the modern help desk software solution in 1997. We build our software to be powerful and configurable.

You can configure custom forms, custom workflows, and custom integrations, or use it out of the box with almost no configuration.

Start with the IT help desk software and then move iSupport though your organization: human resources, facilities, and customer support. iSupport Service Desk helps you to automate incident, problem, change, knowledge, asset, customer, approval, and survey functions and so much more.

iSupport is the perfect blend of function, power, and user experience – the ultimate ‘do more with less’ application.

First time purchasing help desk software? Read this excellent article on what to consider.

Features Include

  • Email processing to create new or update existing incidents
  • Incident creation with a single click from chats, tweets, Facebook® posts, and web discussions
  • Routing based on skill, workload, group, location, or next available
  • Webhooks for enterprise integration
  • Configurable forms, fields, and workflows
  • Surveys
  • Auto-fill, auto-close, and hierarchical templates
  • Approval cycles (graphical, ad hoc)
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Escalation
  • Service contracts
  • Access to knowledge base
  • SLA tracking and reporting
  • Approval, audit, correspondence, customer, rule group, and work histories
  • Global search
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Fully branded mySupport end user support portals
  • Integration with Bomgar™ Remote Support Software, Citrix® GoToAssist®, Microsoft® Lync®, Microsoft® Office Outlook® Calendar, and Google Calendar™
  • Chat

Workflow Automation

Powerful Workflow Functionality

Most help desk software vendors make you change your processes to match their workflow or charge you hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire their consultants to map to your processes. Our workflow engine is both powerful and easy for you to use. We enable you to write rules which can be grouped together to perform almost any task you can imagine. We help you start simple and increase the complexity based on the demands of your customers. With iSupport you can support the proprietary business processes that make your company unique.

Common Workflows That Can Be Defined in iSupport:

  • Routing
  • Escalation
  • Incident creation from email
  • Incident creation from social media
  • Incident ipdate based on incoming email
  • Automatic response to incoming email
  • Time-based business rules (SLAs)
  • Routing based on location
  • Assignment based on skill
  • Assignment based on workload
  • Webhooks based on field values
  • Hierarchy templates for multiple activities
  • Approval cycles
  • Management notifications
  • Knowledge management approvals


Reporting & Analytics

  • Use a drag-and-drop interface to create reports, charts, and graphs
  • Schedule reports to be delivered via email using popular formats such as PDF
  • Deliver reports in real time using mySupport, our powerful self-support platform
  • Integrate with third party reporting tools (on-premise license only)

iSupport ships with powerful reports that collect data on the most valuable information.

  • Incident
  • Asset
  • Software
  • Customers
  • Knowledge
  • SLAs

Deliver reports in real time or schedule reports to be emailed as PDF or Excel documents.

IM - Reporting1

Use filters to drill though prebuilt reports to create the views you want to see.

IM - Reporting2

End User Self-Support


mySupport is our end user self-support technology. Help desks that offer self-service are more successful than those that don’t.

mySupport is included at no charge to help you maximize your service offering. mySupport enables you to support unlimited customers through as many fully branded mySupport portals as you need.

For more information read this excellent article on how self-support is rapidly changing from the impact of social media.

No matter how many portals or end users you need to support, there is never an additional charge for mySupport. mySupport runs on standard web browsers and all mobile devices.

mySupport includes:

  • Chat
  • Web discussion forums including polling and customer surveys
  • Self-building knowledge bases and Q&A self-help guides
  • Integration with Twitter®, Facebook, YouTube®, PDF files, and other public content
  • Direct links to your custom forms and workflows
  • Real time reporting

mySupport technology is great for departments other than IT. Some examples of where customers have deployed mySupport are:

  • Human Resources
  • Customer Service
  • Facilities Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Service Delivery Teams

Project Automation

Many of the requests you receive at the help desk are tasks that involve multiple people and/or multiple steps to complete. Hierarchy templates enable you to create simple projects to track the assignment and progress of each step. Apply approval cycles to hierarchy templates, and iSupport becomes a workflow machine. Approvals can run serially or concurrently, supporting almost any approval process your company already has in place.

Auto Responses

Using our rule engine and self-building knowledge base, you can solve problems with little human intervention. First use iSupport to identify your most common issues, and then build rules to automatically respond to your customers. Automatic responses can direct your customers to knowledge base entries that describe solutions or have links to files or documents that contain the fix they are looking for. Immediate response to critical issues that the customer can fix themselves – support nirvana.

Unlimited Asset Tracking

Making informed decisions about your existing assets is critical to providing better service and reducing your costs.

iSupport includes scanning technology that queries your networks and builds databases with detected IT assets. In addition to scheduling scans, iSupport can perform real time scans with comparisons for easy troubleshooting.

Most vendors charge by the number of assets you are monitoring – iSupport does not. Whether it is 200 or 200,000 assets, it is always the same price with iSupport.

Device Monitoring

Monitoring your server and hardware is key to keeping your infrastructure up and running. iSupport enables you to monitor CPU usage, disk space usage, and memory usage in real time. Not only will we alert you when thresholds are exceeded, we will keep a log of the thresholds until service returns to a normal state and create an incident ticket for the event. Using our rules engine, the automatically- created ticket can be routed to the appropriate group for corrective action.

Asset Scanning

The following is included for tracking assets and services:

  • Asset owners and asset bar code printing
  • Predefined and custom views and reports
  • WMI and SNMP scanning methods
  • Descriptive fields such as model, location, and manufacturer
  • Custom fields
  • Groups and types for establishing asset relationships and access
  • Dynamic and scheduled scanning for IT assets with baselines and comparisons
  • Device monitoring
  • Audit history
  • Software license tracking & unit count

Knowledge Management

Capture your company’s intellectual property with our self-building knowledge databases (Kbases). Information taken from solutions can be automatically added to your Kbase or information can be directly authored.

Supporting information such as attachments, links to external websites, and videos can be added to solution documents as well.

Enable our Kbase approval process to be sure that knowledge is peer reviewed before being published. Knowledge can be published to your users via mySupport or secured to specific groups or individuals.

You can add custom fields to support specific processes and control the look and feel of your Kbase documents with our layout designer.


iSupport’s survey functions give you maximum flexibility in gauging customer satisfaction.

As simple as a “Did we meet your expectations?” contained in an email or as complicated as you wish to make it. Choose from check boxes, drop-down lists, or free text areas to create any survey you can imagine.

Surveys can be scheduled to be delivered with every closed incident, randomly, or to specific groups and/or individuals.

Build reports from your completed surveys to show management how you are doing when it comes to providing world class service.


Recognize and Reward!

You hired the best – now give them the recognition they deserve. Leaderboards are a fun way to incentivize your reps to do their best.

Award or deduct points from an ever-expanding list of actions to keep your reps focused on the tasks that are important to you.

IM - Leaderboard1


Service Contracts

iSupport enables you to create and manage service contracts for your customers. You can track and restrict incidents for customers, companies, and/or assets.

Set up contracts based on work item count (a specified number of incidents), hourly count (a specified number of hours), duration (time frame in days), or both (limiting the number of incidents within a specified daily time frame).


You Can Benefit From These Features By:

  • Setting up unique levels of service for different customers
  • Establishing customer expectations
  • Saving time with service contract templates
  • Optimizing planned work levels
  • Increasing accuracy in customer billing

Mobile Functionality

Mobile Friendly Functionality

Technicians need the flexibility to provide support from any location. It has never been easier to empower your technicians to provide support from wherever they are through their handheld device. You can access iSupport via a tablet, smart phone (iPhone or Android), or WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) phone for in-the-field updates to iSupport data, inside or outside the firewall, with interfaces optimized for your device. iSupport’s Easy Submit functionality enables customers to use an older version of a device that cannot render HTML5 to submit incidents.


iSupport’s mobile functionality includes an HTML5 interface with the following:

  • Customizable work item views
  • Work item creation and update functionality
  • A Check In feature for administrative tracking via a Rep Map component
  • Customizable entry screens

Support representatives can use WAP-enabled phones to create, edit, and view Incident, Customer Profile, and Company records using a simple web interface.