Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) Case Study

"ISUPPORT helped us to handle an increase in support volume of more than 800%."

About Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU)

Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) is an evangelical Christian comprehensive university of The Wesleyan Church. The University, founded in 1920, is committed to global liberal arts and professional education.

More than 3,000 students are enrolled in traditional programs on the University’s main campus in Marion, Indiana. Nearly 12,500 adult learners attend classes at education centers in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, and online.

Technical support for all of the students, faculty, and staff of IWU is provided by a centralized IT Support Center.

The Challenge

After years of steady enrollment growth, the IT Support Center needed to make some big changes in order to keep up with demand for IT services. Our old ticketing system, while workable, wasn’t flexible and limited our ability to adapt our processes to changing needs.

We couldn’t capture the data we needed in order to measure the metrics that really mattered to us and the reporting tools were very limited, making it difficult for us to get real insight into what was going on.

We needed a platform, a system that could work the way we wanted to work and which would continue to grow with us. A one-size-fits-all solution was not sufficient.

The Solution

After evaluating numerous solutions, we selected iSupport Service Desk edition because it was deeply customizable and could be easily configured to meet our unique requirements.

It also had many time saving features such as templates and automatically closing incidents associated with a problem ticket, and was web and mobile accessible (for our mobile technicians and telecommuting call center agents).

The Result

After implementing iSupport, we were able to re-invent our support team with processes and structures based on our needs rather than the limitations of our ticketing system. This transformation helped us to handle an increase in support volume of more than 800%.

iSupport enabled us to capture all of the information that we needed in order to analyze trends, and individual dashboards and custom reports allowed us to keep up with rapidly changing requirements, expectations, and metrics.

We used iSupport to create multiple self-service web portals to better support our diverse customer groups and also integrated iSupport with several of our existing systems, including our student information system (Ellucian Colleague). We were even able to improve team performance and morale by using data from iSupport to drive real-time leaderboards.

Because iSupport could be configured uniquely for different groups, usage spread through our entire IT department and even to a few departments outside of IT resulting in improved collaboration and communication between teams.

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