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Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU)

Results to the tune of 800%

The Challenge

After years of steady enrollment growth, the IT Support Center needed to make some big changes in order to keep up with demand for IT services. Our old ticketing system, while workable, wasn’t flexible and limited our ability to adapt our processes to changing needs.

The Solution

After evaluating numerous solutions, we selected iSupport Service Desk edition because it was deeply customizable and could be easily configured to meet our unique requirements.

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Exceedio Gets Connected

"Simple, yet very Poweful." - Mat Gafke, CEO

The Challenge

“We have a very mobile workforce and we needed a system that would allow our technicians to stay connected whenever they were outside our network,” - Mat Gafke, CEO

The Solution

iSupport gave us the fully web- based, SQL-backed solution we were looking for. Another benefit to Exceedio was iSupport’s ability to double as a billing management solution.

Our workforce is able to connect outside our network, and having the ability to manage tickets from the job site or home is huge.

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"Quite simply, iSupport is a high quality product." - Dominic Nash, Debenhams

The Challenge

The Debenhams Human Resource department needed an internal service center to handle all of its human resource requirements— everything from registering new employees to coordinating training courses and even scheduling pay raises for over 106 stores.

The Solution

Debenhams decided to implement iSupport, a comprehensive
IT help desk/customer service application that allows human resource departments to coordinate, manage, and track activities.

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Nebraska Department of Roads

"ISUPPORT provides a useful product to our division."

The Challenge

We started out using c.Support but not to the fullest extent. The districts in the outer perimeters of the state were not familiar with the tracking system. Some opted not to participate. It was a challenge because they were used to "phone tag" and email.

The Solution

Fast forward 7 years. We are slowly winning the race and educating more of the outer areas of the state on how to use what is now iSupport. Today we fully support the End User Desktop. Educating the district on the usefulness of the software has been rewarding.

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August Systems

Streamlining support for a better solution.

The Challenge

We go the extra mile to not only support our software, but also help guide our clients through agency administration and complex billing regulatory issues.

We needed a process to keep track of each and every client contact, and the means to verify that questions or issues were completely resolved.

The Solution

We implemented iSupport as the foundation for tracking and managing all client interactions. Through the use of configurable Status values, we have been able to define meaningful process workflows to effectively manage our client interactions. This data provides both graphical and numerical metrics for statistical analysis and process improvement.

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Loyalty and support since 1998

The Challenge

We were using a custom-made, UNIX-based application that consisted of a handful of pre made forms. Having all our eggs in one basket began to worry us. We were scared that if anything ever happened to the application creator, then we would be in big trouble.

The Solution

iSupport has helped our support processes. We now have much better follow-up, and fewer items ever fall through the cracks.

We also liked that c.Support was an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution that still had the ability to grow with us as our needs evolved.

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Constant Investment in R&D

We opened our doors in 1992 and introduced the world's first browser-based help desk software in 1997. iSupport Software is the oldest continually operating help desk software developer in the world, and iSupport release 12.7 blends traditional support practices with social media channels and adds a level of collaboration unseen before.

On-Premise or On-Demand

Don’t be fooled by solutions that advertise a low monthly price per agent - over a four year usage cycle iSupport will be less expensive and offer more functionality. Whether deployed on premise or hosted on Amazon Web Services, you pay one price per perpetual representative license. With iSupport you never pay per database entry or for end users or assets.

Corporate Integrity

Hundreds of thousands of people have used iSupport. We have never had an unprofitable quarter, we are privately owned, and we charge one price for everything. We even guarantee your ongoing maintenance and support costs. From the moment you purchase iSupport, your long term costs are set in stone – we are an honest, profitable company that does not use bait and switch or high pressure sales tactics. That's why we are celebrating our 22nd year in business.

Who uses iSupport?

From end users to support representatives to managers, iSupport meets your needs.



Sandy manages the support department for a large company. She has support representatives that are on the phones and on the go. In addition to worrying about day to day issues, she monitors longer term projects that require collaborative planning to limit the downtime of critical services.


Support Representative

Phillip is a support professional. His job is to keep his customers as productive as possible by addressing their requests quickly whether he is at his desk or on the go. Using tools that automate routine tasks like predefined templates, call scripts and knowledge base articles, his time is spent solving problems without being excessively burdened by data entry.


End User

Ben is a busy marketing executive. Promoting and monitoring his company brands takes him to many locations throughout the day using a diverse set of technologies. For him, requesting service can range from an urgent replacement of multimedia equipment to forwarding a tweet about a client's needs.

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iSupport is a robust help desk software solution with core incident management features as well as ITIL-based problem and change management functionality, integrated knowledge and asset management features, and much more. It is highly scalable for handling your unique processes and methodologies.