Service Desk Software

From basic incident management to full blown service desk, iSupport has all the features you need.

iSupport Overview

iSupport is about service delivery. We should know – we invented the modern service desk software in 1997.

Our service desk software is developed with an understanding that business processes vary from company to company.

You can configure custom forms, custom workflows, custom integrations, and complex business rules, or use it out of the box with almost no configuration.

iSupport Service Desk helps you to automate incident, problem, change, knowledge, asset, customer, approval, and survey functions and so much more.

If you are tired of simple applications that don’t give you enough or applications that require lengthy consulting contracts, give iSupport a try.

The Service Desk Edition Includes:

  • Incident, problem, and change management
  • Real-time and scheduled reporting
  • Asset scanning and reporting
  • Powerful workflow rules
  • Active Directory and LDAP integration
  • Email processing
  • Third party remote control integration
  • Service contracts
  • Survey management
  • CMDB
  • Discussion forums with polling and voting
  • Social media integration
  • Full support for mobile devices and smart phones
  • Asset monitoring
  • The strongest end user support tools in the industry
  • Service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Purchasing
  • Service catalog
  • …and hundreds of additional features

Incident Management

Service desks are under increasing pressure from users to provide multiple channels for service delivery.

iSupport’s Incident Management functionality blends phone, email, chat, discussion forums, social media, and mySupport requests into a single entry point where service delivery can be managed.

The Incident Management UX, like all of iSupport, can be customized by your administrators using our drag and drop technology.


  • Incident creation from email, direct entry, scheduling, social media, mobile client, and mySupport end user portals
  • Detailed customer information/history
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Categories
  • Call scripts
  • Surveys
  • Chat
  • Auto-fill, auto-close, and hierarchical templates
  • Approval cycles
  • Routing based on location, skill, name, and group
  • Escalation
  • Service contracts
  • Field and tab layout designer
  • Related incidents and assets
  • Approval, audit, correspondence, customer, rule group, and work histories with smart search
  • Fully configurable threshold alerts and notifications
  • Integration with BomgarTM Remote Support Software, Citrix® GoToAssist®, Microsoft® Office Outlook® Calendar, Microsoft® Lync®, and Google CalendarTM

Problem and Change

Serious Service Delivery Software

Service delivery relies on strong problem and change management. iSupport provides world class tools to help you deploy standards such as ITIL and create custom workflows based on your business needs.

Problem management tracks the process of troubleshooting the underlying issue until a resolution is discovered.

Change management ensures that standard methods and procedures are used to handle activities involving services and assets.


Problem and Change Management Functionality

  • Problem record creation from the Incident screen, mobile client, and iSupport Desktop
  • Related assets, incidents, changes; automatic closure of related incidents
  • Categories – alerts in Incident screen if open problem exists with same categorization
  • Configurable status labels
  • Routing and escalation
  • Known error designation – known errors can be published on the iSupport Desktop and mySupport end user portals
  • Correspondence
  • Audit, correspondence, and work history fields
  • Fully configurable threshold alerts and notifications
  • Permission functionality for controlling Problem-related activities
  • Change record creation from Incident screen, Problem screen, iSupport Desktop, mobile client, and mySupport end user portals
  • Change types – standard (preauthorized), normal, or emergency
  • Templates – can be defined in hierarchies
  • Configurable status labels
  • Routing
  • Escalation
  • Audit, work, correspondence, rule, approval history fields
  • Permission functionality for controlling Change-related activities
  • Fully configurable threshold alerts and notifications
  • Ad hoc and required approvals
  • Creation of related Change records in a hierarchy structure
  • Predefined and custom views and reports
  • Integration with Microsoft® Office Outlook® Calendar and Google Calendar™
  • Twitter® publishing
  • Awareness and chat for support representatives viewing the same work item
  • Field and tab layout designer

End User Self-Support


End user self-support is the hottest topic in service delivery. mySupport is the product of years of research and development – iSupport invented the end user self-support portal in 1997. mySupport is unrivaled with the integration of the latest technologies and social media tools.

mySupport is included for free with every iSupport license. You can deploy as many custom branded support portals as you wish, supporting as many end users as you need, with zero additional cost.

Service Desk Edition

mySupport includes:

  • Chat
  • Web discussion forums including polling and customer surveys
  • Self-building knowledge bases and Q&A self-help guides
  • Integration with Twitter®, Facebook, YouTube®, PDF files, and other public content
  • Direct links to your custom forms and workflows
  • Real-time reporting

Control the design of your mySupport portals:

  • News feed or icon tile designs
  • Support for all mobile devices
  • Integration with social media
  • Support for custom news feeds, views, and charts
  • Support for hosted community forums
  • Secure

mySupport technology is great for departments other than IT. Some examples of where customers have deployed mySupport are:

  • Human Resources
  • Customer Service
  • Facilities Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Service Delivery Teams


What is the value of your recorded data if you cannot report on it?

How quickly can you meet the needs of your managers when they ask you to justify support budgets and resources?

iSupport contains powerful tools developed over 22 years to make reporting as easy as drag and drop.

Custom reports, charts, and graphs can be instantly shared via web browsers, email, or mobile devices.

Support can be a thankless job – with iSupport you can show the impact of good service delivery on your organization.

Standard Reporting Features

  • Dozens of the most common reports delivered out-of-the-box with advanced filtering
  • Drag and drop report builder
  • Scheduled reports delivered via email in formats such as .PDF, Excel, and Word
  • Charts and graphs
  • Direct export to Excel
  • Conditional highlighting
  • Counts, percentages, averages, minimums, maximums
  • Report filters
  • Shared and personal reports
  • Unique badge function for at-a-glance updates
  • Real-time reporting that end users can access from anywhere with no additional representative licenses
  • Reports that specifically support tablets and smartphones
  • Asset and software license reports
  • AWS server cost reporting

Third Party Reporting Tools

Protect Your Existing Investments

As a support manager you realize that everyone’s reporting needs are different.

Many companies have invested in standard SQL reporting tools they use across the enterprise.

iSupport’s data models work with most third party reporting tools to enable users to create powerful, highly filterable reports with little effort.

These accurate, timely reports can be created, dispersed, and automated quickly and efficiently.

Unlimited Asset Tracking

Making informed decisions about your existing assets is critical to providing better service and reducing your costs.

iSupport includes scanning technology that queries your networks and builds databases with detected IT assets. In addition to scheduling scans, iSupport can perform real time scans with comparisons for easy troubleshooting.

Most vendors charge by the number of assets you are monitoring – iSupport does not. Whether it is 200 or 200,000 assets, it is always the same price with iSupport.

Device Monitoring

Monitoring your server and hardware is key to keeping your infrastructure up and running.

iSupport enables you to monitor CPU usage, disk space usage, and memory usage in real time. Not only will we alert you when thresholds are exceeded, we will keep a log of the thresholds until service returns to a normal state and create an incident ticket for the event.

Using our rule engine, the automatically-created ticket can be routed to the appropriate group for corrective action.


iSupport includes a built-in chat feature with customizable responses, emoticons, automatic incident creation, and chat history monitoring. Integration with Citrix GoToAssist Remote Support and Bomgar Software can be configured for remote desktop connection and chatting.


A configuration management database (CMDB) is a repository of information related to all the components of an information system. In the ITIL context, a CMDB represents the authorized configuration of the significant components in an IT environment.

iSupport’s CMDB is used to track the assets, services, and other resources that are crucial to your organization’s operation. The key goal of iSupport’s CMDB is to help your company understand the relationships between these components and track their configuration.

These items and their relationships are graphically displayed so you can immediately answer questions about events – planned or unplanned – that may impact aspects of your company’s IT operations.



Most service desk software vendors make you change your processes to match their workflow or charge you hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire their consultants to map to your processes.

Our workflow engine is both powerful and easy for you to develop. We enable you to write rules which can be grouped together to perform almost any task you can imagine. We help you start simple and increase the complexity based on the demands of your customers.

With iSupport you can support the proprietary business processes that make your company unique.

The Service Desk Edition Includes:

  • Work item routing
  • Work item escalation
  • Incident and change creation from email
  • Incident creation from social media
  • Incident and change update based on incoming email
  • Automatic response to incoming email
  • Time-based business rules (SLAs)
  • Routing based on location
  • Assignment based on skill
  • Assignment based on workload
  • Webhook creation based on field value
  • Hierarchy templates for multiple activities
  • Approval cycles
  • Management notifications
  • Knowledge management approvals


Every form, every field, every label – that is our goal for configuration of iSupport.

Our forms are configurable, our reports are configurable, our end user tools are configurable, and our mobile clients are configurable. It can be as simple as changing the label on a field or redesigning an entire form.

We are committed to letting you have your way when it comes the layout of your service desk application. Very few products give you the control iSupport provides, and we do it without costly consulting engagements and an interest in preserving your changes across upgrades.

Included Layout Designers

  • Incident
  • Problem
  • Change
  • Purchase
  • Asset
  • Knowledge
  • Customer
  • Company
  • mySupport
  • mySupport mobile devices

Knowledge Distribution

Integrate a knowledge management process into your service activities to identify, create, and distribute knowledge throughout your organization and improve performance.

Some of iSupport’s Knowledge Management functionality includes:

  • Knowledge capture from resolved incidents
  • Approval workflows to ensure accurate and complete knowledge entries
  • Review notifications
  • User feedback via a simple “like” as well as comments to Facebook or discussion feeds
  • Knowledge published to end users via mySupport


iSupport’s survey functions give you maximum flexibility in gauging customer satisfaction.

As simple as a “Did we meet your expectations?” contained in an email or as complicated as you wish to make it. Choose from check boxes, drop-down lists, or free text areas to create any survey you can imagine.

Surveys can be scheduled to be delivered with every closed incident, randomly, or to specific groups and/or individuals.

Build reports from your completed surveys to show management how you are doing when it comes to providing world class service.

End to End Tracking

Comprehensive purchasing functionality enables iSupport users to manage the complete life cycle of the IT service process and track all aspects of a project from start to finish. You can request and track products and services, and associate those requests with Incident, Problem, Change, and Asset records.

Implement an approval workflow to ensure accuracy and completion.

Record and charge back time worked against purchase requests and billing of time and materials.

Purchasing Capabilities

  • Control purchase request functionality through support representative permissions
  • Create asset records from purchase requests once items have been received
  • Create and leverage templates for frequent purchase requests
  • Integrate with Microsoft® Office Outlook® Calendar and Google Calendar™
  • Chat with support representatives viewing the same work item

A Robust Service Catalog

iSupport’s Service Catalog functionality enables customers to request services, products, policies/procedures, etc.

Our completely integrated approach allows for purchase requests and change requests to be initiated directly from the service catalog.

Using our workflow engine you can trigger approvals and automate the entire process from request to delivery.


Service Contracts

iSupport enables you to create and manage service contracts for your customers. You can track and restrict incidents for customers, companies, and/or assets.

Set up contracts based on work item count (a specified number of incidents), hourly count (a specified number of hours), duration (time frame in days), or both (limiting the number of incidents within a specified daily time frame).


You Can Benefit From These Features By:

  • Setting up unique levels of service for different customers
  • Establishing customer expectations
  • Saving time with service contract templates
  • Optimizing planned work levels
  • Increasing accuracy in customer billing


Although not a traditional CRM application, iSupport supports robust customer, company and opportunity management.

Service delivery organizations need to work with diverse groups of people. Our CRM functions enable you to track your activities and document proposals for projects.

Our CRM features are another example of how iSupport has thousands of hidden extras that can be adapted to numerous business.

Mobile Clients

Mobile-Friendly Functionality

Developed completely in HTML5, our beautiful user experience can be accessed from desktops, tablets, and most modern smart phones.

Each device’s unique screen properties have been taken into account to provide the richest experience possible.

Not just a scaled-down web page, iSupport goes to great lengths provide a client that is functional, beautiful, and customizable to meet your needs.

When your reps are in the field, track their locations with check in functions. Our smart mobile device interface detects the difference between tablets and mobile devices and presents only the information needed.